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About Us

Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) are main fields where we have built our expertise at international standard. It is note worthy that the pioneering professionals of GIS & RS in Bangladesh are the core resource personnel of our organization and its resource personnel has participated in most of the large GIS projects in Bangladesh. Our expertise and experiences in the GIS & RS field include i) spatial (map) data conversion & building GIS databases, ii) image processing iii) development of spatial tools and iv) development of customized integrated GIS /MIS software and or GIS analytical and mapping outputs. Two separate teams of professional consist of GIS engineers, geographers, GIS programmers and technicians are capable of undertaking any complex GIS or AM/FM related projects.

Our services:

Data conversion services (scanning and digitizing) of maps, drawings and textual data for creating GIS/AM/FM databases

Image processing

Turnkey implementation of GIS and digital mapping systems

Turnkey implementation of AM/FM and distribution network analysis systems for utility industry (gas, water, electricity, telecom)

Customizing & developing GIS application software using ArcObject, MapObject

Programming services for any GIS project using ArcGIS, Python, Arc/Info, ArcView

Consulting services in the fields of GIS, AM/FM systems

Custom tailored specialized training and technology transfer services

Provide technical staffing support to both short and long term projects


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